Contract management software customised to you

Arepo's online Contract Register software can be customised to your business requirements. The core functionality within every account can be set up quickly and easily and any specific requirements are analysed, built and deployed to your account. 

Contracts Lifecycle

Built to suit individual customers' requirements helping to manage contracts from the original tender through to the renewal process

Standard reports

Standard reports are included with every account and generated as a PDF or Excel (CSV) format. Reports can be generated whenever you need using the simple query engine or they can be scheduled to be generated and emailed to a list of recipients on a regular basis.

Ad hoc reports

You are able to search and filter data, then produce a PDF or CSV format report to be downloaded and saved / printed, whenever you need it. Simply build your query and generate the data. The last 10 ad hoc reports you built are stored in your query history. 

Custom Reports

If the standard reporting features within the Contracts Register don't include specific data or the formats required for your organisation, Arepo are able to build specific customised reports as and when requested. We'll work through your requirements with you and propose the most cost effective way to achieve them. The cost of creating customised reports depends on the complexity of your requirements.

Email reminders and to-do lists

Receive notifications in your inbox with links directly to tasks with an upcoming deadline.


Your account can be branded to your business, ensuring that your logo is visible throughout the application and on outgoing reports and mailings. 

Get in touch with Arepo through our contact page or call us on 020 7280 4390 for an informal discussion and to arrange an online demonstration. 

Contracts Register

Contract life cycle management

from PQQ, RFP & ITT through to contract renewal

Reduce back office costs

through centralisation of procurement processes


online tender & supplier response management

Auditable systems

track all changes to each contract throughout its life

Document storage

upload documents and images to a centralised database

Sales & Support

+44 (0)20 7280 4390