Making use of your existing contract data

We know that many businesses have legacy contracts management systems in place already. Whatever form your contracts data is in, such as spreadsheets or local databases, Arepo can work with you to import the information into your Contracts Register account.

Migrating existing data

Our team of technical experts will analyse your existing contract information and discuss any data migration issues with you. We have a great deal of database experience and in most cases are able to propose a cost effective solution that ensures that all of your contract information is maintained in a single data repository.

Exporting data 

If required, your data can be exported in a range of suitable formats so that it can be integrated with another system such as your finance software. Various methods can be utilised ranging from scheduled flat file exports to full web service integration.

Contracts Register

Contract life cycle management

from PQQ, RFP & ITT through to contract renewal

Reduce back office costs

through centralisation of procurement processes


online tender & supplier response management

Auditable systems

track all changes to each contract throughout its life

Document storage

upload documents and images to a centralised database

Sales & Support

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