Contract types managed

Arepo's online Contract Register software can be utilised to manage either Purchase contracts, Sales contracts, or both. 

Purchase contracts

The Contracts Register helps businesses to manage all of their Supplier Contracts. The modular software can be customised provided a range of functionality including:

  • Managing supplier contracts from the initial PQQ and ITT stages
  • Storing all contractual documents in a single, easily accessible but secure location
  • Maintaining notes related to the contract, such as contract review minutes
  • Assigning tasks and follow up actions to key contract personnel
  • Automated reminders about key contract dates

Sales contracts

Sales contracts can also be stored and managed within the Contracts Register software. Businesses providing services to many third parties can store the relevant contract information ensuring that:

  • Contract information is stored with all associated documentation
  • Contract Managers are alerted to key contract dates and milestones
  • Notes can be stored with the contract following e.g. review meetings
  • Tasks can be assigned to Contract or Operational personnel, helping contractual SLA's to be maintained


Historic contracts

Historic contract information can be stored within your Contracts Register account. Often only key information is recorded allowing simple reports to be run as well as storing data relating to contract personnel.

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Contracts Register

Contract life cycle management

from PQQ, RFP & ITT through to contract renewal

Reduce back office costs

through centralisation of procurement processes


online tender & supplier response management

Auditable systems

track all changes to each contract throughout its life

Document storage

upload documents and images to a centralised database

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